Friday, July 17, 2009

For the Birthday Girl

I just delivered this special request necklace and earring set for a dear friend's birthday. I heard yesterday that she loves it which I'm so happy to hear—it's always a little nerve-wracking because I want it to be the perfect gift. For this set I knew it should be natural and semi-precious beads, nothing to sparkly or man-made would be right. It also shouldn't be too matchy-matchy or symmetrical. The focus is a silver pendant I made a couple of years ago when I took a metal smithing class at Pratt. The silver has an emboss of fern leaves which is created by putting the silver and leaves through a heavy duty roller. A very cool process, I'd love to do more of that some day! The necklace is on silk string done with a knotting technique unlike the previous piece I posted which was all wire work. Doing this set reminding me I love the look of knotting and want to do more of it in the future. For a closer look to see more details, click on the images above.

If you're looking for a custom jewelry gift for yourself or someone else, drop me an email. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gardenwalk Follow Up

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog—I've just been too busy enjoying this beautiful summer we're having here in Seattle. I think it's the nicest one we've had in a long time. Last weekend was the 14th annual Georgetown Gardenwalk and of course that was the first day in a while that it decided to rain. Luckily the sprinkles were light and the cool air made the day enjoyable for strolling. A little rain doesn't deter Seattleites, after all. My sweetie and collaborator in the poster snapped a few pics of the poster in the neighborhood windows—it's always fun to see them up!
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