Friday, May 15, 2009

Georgetown Garden Walk Sneak Peek

I've been busy working on big project—a 36 page magazine for the Museum of Science in Boston—which just went off to the printer. I love that stage of a project. Now I just sit tight and wait for proofs from the printer before it hits the press and ink meets paper.

In the meantime my sweetie and I have been cooking up the design for Georgetown Garden Walk materials. This is the 6th year that one of us has done it: he did it three times, I did it twice and this year it's a collaborative effort. And if I do say so myself this is the best one yet! We've retired the chicken and gone in a fun new direction. So mark your calendars for Sunday July 12th and hope for sunny skies!

Here's a tiny sneak peek to tide you over...

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patricia belyea said...

I'm enamored by the graphic design in your blog. It is great to see the breadth and freshness of your work. Best wishes.

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