Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bacon: the downfall of a good many vegetarians

Oh boy, I can't believe it's almost September! What a beautiful summer we've had in the NW. The garden is bountiful and we've got so many tomatoes, squash and beans it's not even funny. So no excuses on the lack of blog updates. Instead here's a new illustration which is part of my breakfast food series. (Remember the donuts?)


Anne said...

Yum! Bacon made me "fall down" from my vegetarianism many times. :)
Are the patterns you used from origami paper? they look familiar.

anne bryant said...

Yep, some of the paper scans are origami papers—I'm always scanning different things that I can use in my illustrations.

Enyasi said...

hmmm Bacon... You know it is considered a starter drug, as far as meats are concerned. Love the illustration.

anne bryant said...

thanks Pamela :) Totally agree. I've moved on to harder stuff like prosciutto.

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