Saturday, April 05, 2008

Art with (lotsa) Heart

The other day my dear friend Steffanie of Art with Heart asked me to create a page for one of her latest books. This book will be similar in look and feel to Oodles of Doodles, but this one is for the siblings of children diagnosed with serious or debilitating illnesses. It will be a therapeutic activity book which will focus on meeting the emotional needs of siblings dealing with a wide range of confusing emotions. The page I illustrated is a board game that will help the kids engage with others in their circle of support and help reduce isolation. If you would like help to make this project a reality, visit here. It's a wonderful organization and I'm honored to contribute to the project.

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shbarthelemy said...

This is really cute! Before I read the rest of the text, I actually thought they were going to be stickers :) Anyway, I came here through the IBKC (great card, btw) and wanted to drop off a quick note that I think your style is really very polished and nice and concise. I may be hitting you up for some freelance work ;)

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