Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A 'taste' of the Market

If you've ever been to the Pike Place Market in Seattle then you know it's a colorful, jam-packed place full of history and so many flavors to sample that it's nearly overwhelming. That's why the founders of Taste Pike Place started their business—to show visitors the nooks and crannies the Market has to offer from a local's perspective. I developed the brand and marketing materials to be fun, friendly, colorful. We decided from the start that the materials should utilize illustration rather than photography to give their brand a unique look and feel. Familiar icons from the market—fish, fruit, wine and coffee (of course)—give the viewer a taste of what's to come when they take one of the fabulous tasting tours they have to offer.


Steve said...

Outstanding! We love the work you have done for us.

Naomi Cox said...

I love all the color and texture — the bold shapes. Very fun and inviting. Great work — how you carried the theme through all the parts. Makes me want to go to the market!

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